About Core Management

As an independent investment firm, CMP’s Managing Partners and its limited partners bring more than 20 years of experience in successfully growing and managing technology and tech.-enabled business services organizations.

We are an independent investment firm focused on making control/majority stake investments in the following segments: tech.-enabled business services with a very well-established recurring revenue model; SaaS and IaaS businesses with profitable, strong recurring revenues; companies offering financial services trading platforms; and, tech.-enabled healthcare IT solutions.

Our preferred model is to partner with the current management, where the current management continues to manage and grow the business, holding a minority stake in the business going forward. In addition, we utilize limited partner investor model in which CMP has five institutional investor partners who invest with us.

We have spent most of the past decade making majority-stake investments in tech-enabled and SaaS businesses (only recently have we added healthcare IT and trading platforms to our investment focus) and have had extraordinary results.

CMP wants to complete 2 to 3 investments per year, with an average investment–check-size–being $10 to $50 Million and average hold period of 3 to 6 years. We deliver more than a check and utilize our operational experise to put our investments on a consistent CAGR of 24 to 30 percent.

CMP is neither a search fund nor do we have a committed fund. Rather, we utilize an institutional co-investor model in which our investor partners–two family offices, two private equity, and one hedge fund–invest alongside us on a given transaction.

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